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I Know You Still Love ME

Karen Raylor has known tragedy. The loss of her parents, her husband of ten years, and now her beloved grandma. At the worst possible time, she receives contact from someone who could only be Mercer Evans, her toxic ex-lover from a lifetime ago.

Now, Karen must rely on the strength of her adult self to survive the mental turmoil Mercer seems bent on bringing to her life. She can only hope he doesn't take it too far, and that she's ready if he does.

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Date Started: October 13th, 2017

Current Length: 19 chapters

New Chapters: Saturday mornings

Voting Ends: Mondays, 5:00 AM EST


"I Know You Still Love ME thrillingly places us on a sharp edge between numerous opposing tensions: Dark shadows that can linger from intense, bright relationships, logic playing out against emotion, and the interplay between faces we show and the truth we keep inside. The tale reveals a seemingly simple stalker setup as an exploration of the deeper waters that churn underneath even casual relationships." - Micheal Sanders

"Mark Pulver brings his characters to life with emotive and vivid prose. I Know You Still Love ME effectively depicts obsession / unrequited love in a suspenseful and engaging tale." - Eric P.

"I am really enjoying this story and the whole process. I look forward to the next installment each time, because the characters have really sucked me in! It’s fun to be able to vote on how I think the story should proceed, and then see how other readers vote. It makes me feel like part of the creative process!" - Heather Kent