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Our vision is simple: Give readers a voice in directing our stories.

To give readers that voice, we put a voting poll at the end of each chapter. We keep our polls open for two days. Once the poll closes, the author uses the winning option to begin crafting the next chapter.

We do this with every story, every chapter, every week.

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Our Authors

Mark Pulver


Mark has been writing since a young age. He loves telling stories with characters who have had troubled lives, as he feels that most people carry unvoiced pain and can perhaps be inspired by experiencing how his characters rise above the darkness of their histories.

Mark is the published author of Dragonyria, a fantasy novel about two brothers who are forced to join the military organization responsible for the deaths of everyone they knew. Dragonyria is available on Kindle.


We're looking to partner with fellow writers who have a passion for storytelling and who share our vision.

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